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WTF of the day: I don’t know what to say!

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Because I was bored, I did a spoof (a bad version) of the infamous stomp feet video.

If you’re wondering, here’s the “original”.

9 thoughts on “WTF of the day: I don’t know what to say!”

  1. nadnut, i don’t think this was a nice post at all. at the pap’s 50th anniversary, which was 7 years ago, tin pei ling was just a year 2 student, most probably clueless about her $15k paycheck today. additionally, the “poverty not government’s responsibility” article was penned three years after, in 2007. the “original” video missed these points too. just thought you should get your facts right if you want to blog about something current.


    reader Reply:

    i dont understand your line of argument. being clueless about her paycheck later in life certainly isnt an excuse to explain any kind of behavior, although i can understand if you were to say she was less mature/experienced back then. i really dont like what you’re driving at. so you’re saying the paycheck is what keeps her in check now? i agree the video is blatantly biased, but if you’re looking for something less backdated, do look at her razortv interview. when asked what govt policy she’d like to change, she says to be honest she doesnt feel strongly about any policies, and adds on something about taking care of your grandparents. i think what we really need is someone with voice and opinion, and it doesnt matter if you’re 27 or 57.


    steph Reply:

    i didn’t mean the 15k paycheck in the monetary sense, but rather her changed status as a minister-to-be now. but i guess having a plump paycheck does help to regulate behaviour, don’t you think so?

    i wouldn’t say tpl’s the best question answerer, and she’s kinda horribly plagued down by her emotions. explains her greatest regret and the grandparents issue. btw she didn’t say she doesn’t feel strongly about any policies, she said she doesn’t feel strongly against any policies. i’d think that’s an expected answer to the question because it wouldn’t be too nice to appear as a new candidate of the incumbent party and say there’s a policy that you think should really be changed.

    that said, i hope i didn’t spark off any unfriendly feelings with that comment. i just think these new candidates should be evaluated fairly. i don’t have a problem with your general spoof, it does make for quite a good laugh.


    nadnut Reply:

    Sure. A more current video will be coming your way soon!


  2. Well Steph, i suppose nad take it as a joke? Relax la~

    Lol! I love your version! *thumb up*


    nadnut Reply:

    Thanks! Just a tongue in cheek video!


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