Would You Rather? – Love vs Lust

Since this week’s Star Blog topic is somewhat “sexual”, I decided to have a “sexual” Would You Rather? too!

Would you rather….

1) Find true love and have mediocre sex?


2) Never find true love and have fantastic sex?

and why?

Go go go!

By the way, please feel free to share “Would You Rather?” on your blog. Post up the question and then post the direct link below! Please use the banner, I’ll be changing banners every week. 😉

For those who don’t blog, it’s ok! Just comment below! Thanks!

Thanks to Sabrina for telling me about that widget!

15 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Love vs Lust”

  1. Banana: hahaa yeah!

    nUr: yeap. i rather have a companion.

    mooiness: true. sex is impt for only for a certain part of our lifes after that i think companionship is more important.

    clauds: heh. understood.


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  3. oy…u poll cannot lah. mediocre sex still got sex wor. how about true love and no sex? i’ll go for the fantastic sex. thanks.


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