Is True Spa over promising and under delivering?

My best friend Jenny is the sweetest person ever and she hardly gets angry. In fact, she’s always the one calming me down.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her blog post?

Every time I call the line, it’s only one of the following scenarios:

1. No slot available (then they offer some stupid hour which a working person can’t possibly go for!).
2. No one picks up.
3. “We’ll check and call you back”…. you wait for 2 hours and no one calls you back, then you call again, after which, either scenario 1 or 2 happens again.

That’s horrible! In fact before I headed over to Australia, Jen jen treated me to a facial and I was even considering getting a package. But after reading her blog post and others (do a search. a lot of people are complaining!), I think I won’t even bother.

Apparently this is a common problem. These sales people be it from spas, fitness clubs or anywhere else would overpromise and be on their best behaviour to you but once you’ve signed the dotted line and handed your money over, they won’t even bother about you.

Why should I keep paying for a service I never get to use?????

Hear hear!

This is why I’m always hesitant in buying such packages.


  1. Not so sure about True Spa, never went to a spa in Singapore and I missed the deadline of my free spa.

    anyway, i TAGGED you, do it and we go watch Wall-E


  2. That is totally bad service!!!

    Haiz… i totally agree that ” Why should I keep paying for a service I never get to use????? “, when they tried to sell you the package they promise you the sky & seems more FRIENDLY & HELPFUL ever.. but once $$ is paid… Service is gone… Hmmpppfff


  3. hey girl, you can take a package but make sure u visit them a few times to see if their services are as good as the first time. well, im a home nail salon manicurist and i gave up working outside because of the package scheme, i would dare say its best not to get packages from those boutiques out there because they sell packages because they get more commission out of it, and after that your visits will not be that important anymore because all they get might be just like 5%.

    what i mean is like, when u first visited them, they persuaded you to get a package, they get like 10%+5% for the service they did for you. your next visit, it will be just 5% for the servicing, which means, if they can get walk-ins customers, they might be able to persuade them to get package and earn 15%, therefore, the signed up package customers will have to take a backseat.

    maybe you should just visit a few times try talking to the other customers when there are chances to find out about their bookings experience and stuff. 😀