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would u travel alone?

i’ve been giving some thoughts to travelling alone. mostly because the periods i could travel is limited and not everyone would be able to make time to plan for a vacation.

i do have an ample amount of leave and after setting aside leave for exams, projects and what nots, i think i can afford taking 2 short vacations or 1 long vacation. from reading kennysia’s twitter comments, it does sound exhilarating to travel alone.

but would u? and where would u go?

for me, it depends on the holiday destination, but im a bit scared of travelling alone. what if i get kidnapped? hohoho. i am pretty small sized and do look weak.

the only time i can afford to travel is mid june – july. after that, there would be no way i can travel unless its a short weekend getaway trip. that is if im still working.

maybe a beach getaway would be fine to start with. if its shopping and all, might be a bit risky. crowded and all. i would love to travel to france, europe and all, but lets save that for after graduation. i would love to go for a one month backpacking trip.

what are your thoughts? 🙂

wanderlust. enough leave and a one month break from school. only time to travel. enough cash. i wanna travel!

11 thoughts on “would u travel alone?”

  1. Travelling alone won’t be too much a problem as long as you have enough cash for emergencies.
    I would also like to travel Europe… But I can’t even afford the air ticket…


  2. I want to go on a shopping trip alone because I feel bad when my friends wait around for me to try on clothes and we only have like a few days before we have to get out of the country, so it’s a bit stressful. But I can’t go alone. I need friends to bring me around cos I always get lost, haha. 😛


  3. well..travellign alone is fun..coz u dun have to wait for others.. and u dun have to decide btw what others want and wat u want.. its all about you, you & you. So go and try it out.. juz be safe.. go somewhere nearer like thailand or malaysia.. taek a short break… like i take bus rides to kl or penang..


  4. Or why not have a combination of both?

    Say you guys split up during the day to go do your own stuff and then say meet up for supper later in the day?

    I probably only like to travel with someone if this someone have common interest with me. Otherwise, I am better off wandering on my own.


  5. hi nad, if you’re worrying about being a girl is dangerous then probably you can look at travelling in safe places. europe is a decent place to start off with, it’s relatively safe and there are plenty of backpackers travelling alone.

    i travelled around some parts of europe alone the last time i was there and didn’t run into any trouble. it was relatively safe. think the only problem is that there’s nobody to help you take photos of yourself. hehe~

    it was quite a character building experience for me. yup~ just go ahead and do what you feel like doing without having any regrets in life!


  6. Been there, done that.

    1) Go anywhere you wan.
    2) own plan own timing
    3) no need to wait for anyone

    1) No one to share meals with
    2) no one to talk to (esp when u see something interesting)
    3) No one to help you take pictures
    4) no one to share cost with! (esp the cost of the hotel room)
    5) It can be rather lonely
    6) I somehow lost the enthusiasm to shop….
    Sub-clause: There’s no one whom I can ask for opinion!
    7) If u get lost, it’s ur own problem.


  7. solo traveling may not be suitable for all. i started a few years ago due to difficulty in getting friends to go on required dates. But now i’m hooked. however, i’ll still prefer a buddy or 2 especially when going to unfamiliar remote places (e.g going around northern thailand, mae hong son loop)

    your travel will become more exciting, adventurous & unpredictable, also it can frustrating & tired at time. but this is much like life, doesn’t it? anyway, you learn to deal with these as well soon. so, it’s really good on character building as well as becoming a more independent & discipline person.

    perhaps you should start with a short trip somewhere easy & nearby (e.g Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong etc?) to see if you’ll like solo traveling.

    good luck!


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