why would anyone wish for someone to drown?

i don’t know about you but i would never wish for death on someone even if they were my enemies… let alone a stranger.

i bet many of you would have known about the student felicia teo who was reported missing since 30 june. a blog was even set up trying to get information or any news on felicia. http://findfelicia.blogspot.com

imagine my surprise when i saw this blog entry. (update at 7.50am: link no longer works, being the coward he is, he removed the entry) oh wait, isnt that the “top” blogger who posted a vindicative entry about a 13 year old plagiarising his entry. wow.

why am i not surprised that such mean and bitchy words came out from his mouth once again? oh wait, maybe he thrives on being mean. but is a coward to move his entry to save himself from any backlash. he’s such a vindicative person! I wonder if he has any criminal records

take note, the entry is posted as january but the comments were on august 6th. why would the entry be on january when felicia wasn’t missing then?

noticed it’s felicia MISSING? my guess is he changed her surname to MISSING so that anyone googling wouldnt find his entry.

here’s a few screencaps incase somebody tries to move his (disgusting and bitchy) blog entry again or delete it altogether.

click for a bigger screenshot.

part of his entry.

one of his bitchy comments.

click for a bigger pic. screencap of his entry being in ping.sg 6 days ago. = august 6th. why move the entry?

someone doesnt believe in karma doesnt he? or maybe he’s just jealous someone else is getting more attention than him, the supposed top blogger.

instead of wasting time wishing death on others, why not you take up some photoshop courses since your pathetic photoshop efforts (he mentioned he photoshops every photo in his profile) isnt doing anything for your pics.

oh wait, maybe photoshop can’t help. uglyness from the heart can be seen on his face too. yes, im getting personal, but at least i didnt wish for him to drown did i? 🙂

its interesting that he has a page on blog haters and that he mentioned that he hates those anonymous cowards and asking why people can’t respect others thoughts, beliefs and whatnots.

firstly, isnt he being an anonymous coward himself? if you dare to do, dare to say it. dont be a coward. and why would anyone respect his “thoughts” on cursing someone to drown?

is this the kind of blogs we want to see in the blogosphere? is this the impression we want to set on the youngsters of today? i know i dont. how about you?

infact i pity him. for someone who can be so jealous that poor felicia is probably garnering more attention than he’ll ever receive if he goes missing that he has to resort to such means to cursing the poor girl. if you spend your days cursing others, putting down others and living a life of hate then i really pity you.

what is life if you do not enjoy it?

49 thoughts on “why would anyone wish for someone to drown?”

  1. Let’s just say, what’s goes around comes around.
    May he get run over by a truck & tio report missing someday. =)

    It always amaze me to realise that idiots are so rampant in SG.
    No wonder Lao Lee’s eugenics ain’t working.


  2. Anyway, he thinks that he is being very smart.

    I wish him all the best. He deserves our pity. he is nothing but an empty husk screaming for attention. The sad thing is that he is jealous over the efforts her friends are trying to find her.

    He knows that no one would expand that sort of energy for him.


  3. I feel like slapping that irritating ass. Doesnt even think before speaking. I bet he thinks that being controversial he would garner traffic for his pathetic blog.


  4. Haiz… this is so obvious. The pathetic loser is just trying to stir up something controversial just to attract hits to his blog. That way, he can proudly proclaim to be a top blogger.


    One thing I will give him credit is that he got all of us talking about him right now. However, that’s as far as I would go.



  5. Oh yes he is ugly alright. And so are his friends who he deem good-looking. His eyes tak stamp lor. Walau that skinny guy with scarves look like he’s…. Never mind.


  6. lets see what the government is going to response to this one

    for all we know, he might even get a face lift from the TV!


  7. er.. stop visiting his site lah.. This is how they “TRY” to get to be a Top Blogger by posting controversial stuff and get help to spread their controversial post around. Then hor, people will visit to see and then his blog hits will go up!

    Hr got photoshop his pics? But he still looks gross leh especially with the act cute pic. *puke*


  8. […] Remember Felicia Teo, the student who was reported lost since 30th June?
    The gal whose foto is on flyers and posters all over bus stops and lamp post in town? […]


  9. hmmm..somehow my blog doesn’t auto backlink or trackback. bah. =*(
    anyway he removed that link.
    smart move, abeit a super dumb 1 confessing he’s the dumbo who did wrote it. (given the screenshot)


  10. Top blogger?More like some childish bullshit.Been reading his blog and he keeps on saying he is a top blogger and his entries are mostly crap and his own sick fantasies. his brand of humor is totally uncalled for and definitely without sense. probably he should go missing himself and learn some emphathy. Sadly i guess this is going to increase his traffic.


  11. He’s just trying to stir shit and get the hits. Obviously a pretty good PR consultant who believes that any publicity is publicity anyhow, even bad ones. 😛

    I’ll just ignore him. 🙂


  12. He must had a bad childhood, saying something like that. Poor 200 over family members and relatives who are searching for her, i’m sure it hurts them alot when they known or saw what he wrote.
    Bu Shi Bu Bao, Si Shi Chen Wei Dao…


  13. I don’t care about him whether he tries to be a hot blogger or not. Just a sick person to be saying such on someone who done no wrong.


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