the bitch doesn’t get it.

*extremely bitchy post*
remember this?

so one day, i msn-ed her this:

nadnutâ„¢ [migraine @ work.] said:
u know what? i actually treated u as a friend and i tot whatever i told u, u would keep it a secret. when i told u stuff and told u not to tell xxxxxxxxx, and u agreed, in the end u just copied and pasted the whole conversation to him. so much for keeping secrets.

nadnutâ„¢ [migraine @ work.] said:
and i know abt what u have said behind my back. Thanks for being a ‘friend’

apparently the biatch does not know how to reply me but yet had the time to msg the said person to ask how come i knew about her betrayal.

wow. she acts as if nothing happens and never even bothered to reply or what. seriously, so much for acting as a friend, acting as she cared over what had happened and behind my back she’s bitching about how i copied her and all. if she was a friend, why didn’t she bothered msning me to talk to me and ask if such a thing is going on!

apparently she thinks she’s the only one who can write such stories. you think too highly of yourself. do u also think ur the only who can be depressed over such matters? seriously why should i bother keeping your secrets? why did i even care and worried about you when he hurt you and when things happened to you?

yes, im bitching about her, what you expect after more than a year of betrayal? to find out about it. thanks a lot. and you asked why did such things happen to you. its called karma. you get what you deserve.

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