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the nuffnang event – rush hour 3

remember this?

its time to spill the beans. lol. even if ming had requested for me not to shave my armpits for a year or forever, i could fulfit it. and yes, that includes not waxing, plucking or using an epilator. lol. figure that out!

since the invite mentioned red and white as the dress code, i had to dig for my red dress. (yours truly doesnt wear red usually)

outfit of the day.

red dress, white belt, white heels, white earrings, white necklace and white watch. beat that!

jenny kindly picked tiger and me up to head down to vivo. first up, lunch at sushi tei. surprisingly, service wasnt good today. i asked for the bill from this server, a kenny cheah and he looked right thru me and walked towards the next table. as we were in a rush to collect our tickets, i called him again. this time we got his attention and he headed to get some bill book (or something). he slammed the book on the table and was grumbling to himself. jen and i exchanged surprised looks at each other. i usually get good and fast service from sushi tei but this time, well.. maybe the vivo branch isnt as good as the raffles city one. *shrugs*. or maybe we looked like students and didnt deserve good service? the rest of the staff were friendly and smiley though.

dont know about you. but when i get good service, it tends to make my day. but thankfully, i didnt let this fella affect mine.

we’re red!

the nuffnang sign. i brought my own flag! didnt know the goodie bag that they gave had a flag too. lol.

guess who did i bump into?

brennan! havent seen this bugger for 2 years!

erm. first thing i said to him when i saw him was … OMG U GAINED SO MUCH WEIGHT! =X compare this and the pic taken 2 years ago!

not cute leeeee. nevermind, i bet he’ll be slim again once he enters army. jiayou!

some of the cowboybarflies were there too! spotted gracey, celest, yunz, cow, cowboycaleb, cowboy’s wifey, tigerkiller, qiaoyun, goonfather, sassyjan and nannywen! there were some bloggers that i recognise but i was too shy to talk to them. heh. saw cheesie, xiaxue and clapbangkiss too!

was too full from lunch and didnt get to try the snacks. and stupid tiger kept trying to get me to eat the nuggets. lame joke. nugget eating nugget. (thats cause my ob sabah gang calls me nugget. lol)

some of our tags. those who have seen tiger, dont you think that he looks like chicken little? 😛

jen has started calling ben ben bam bam. heh. lol!

was waiting for the nuffnang 2.0 intro but didnt seem to start.. 🙁 think there wasnt enough time to do so? managed to leave my mark on their banner though. 🙂

finally spotted tk at 1.20. super latecomer!

some of the cowboybarflies.

tk was soooo sweet. he actually prepared small gifts for nuffnang sg and nuffnang my. this bugger is all hard on the outside and a sweet softie inside.

me posing with the bearbear toy. cute!

in the end, there wasnt any introduction of nuffnang 2.0 or the most patriotic blogger (eh i think i stand a good chance leh. think i’m the only one who came with a flag. lol!) and we headed for the movie. it was a good movie, kept me laughing all the way. time for me to watch rush hour 1 and 2. lol.

that’s how i spent my national day. how did you spent yours?

time for me to piah my project. roar!


  1. I didn’t realise you brought your own flag! Haha. I thought you were posing with the goodie bag flag. Patriotic, indeed! 😉

    nadnut: heh! patriotic hor? 😛


  2. eh…i really hafta agree. he does resemble chicken little.


    nadnut: lol! you hear that tiger? lol. maybe time to change his nickname leeee.


  3. Looks like you guys had fun at the event! But epidural? *blinks eyes hard* I don’t get it leh… *scratch head*

    nadnut: alamak. blur lah me. supposed to be epilator. dont know why i wrote epidural instead. *smacks head*


  4. indeed patriotic. super red and white! national day is the only day any one can pull that off and you did it, you rock!