why it sucks being an adult.

i had difficulty waking up this morning. felt so tired and just wanted to snuggle back in bed with my kitty. but work was calling. or to be exact, if i miss my bus, i would have to take a $17 cab to work. -___-

i think it sucks being a working individual.

how so?

ten reasons why school is better than work

1. unlike school, you cant skip lessons or not go to school just because you dont feel like it.

2. you really have to take a mc if you “geng” being sick.

3. you have many slack days in school with a few intensive months and a hell long holiday, like 2 months worth minimum? where as work is you have a hell lot of intensive months and a pathetic 14 or 21 days of leave.

4. when you take leave, there seems to be a lot of work that you will regret ever taking leave.

5. you can sleep in class whereas at work, you can only sleep at lunch

6. you have to pay attention at work and be polite to everyone.

7. at school, if someone backstabs u, one can stand up for themselves. here? HAH! even the bosses participate in the weekly backstabbing/bitching fest. must “ren”. bonus coming!

8. you can come to school dressed in whatever slacker wear you want. whereas at work, you’ll get raised eyebrows at your dressing and reprimanded for your dressing.

9. lunch is so much cheaper.

10. when you have offdays, your schoolbuddies are free to go out with you. however, when your an working individual and when you take an off day, there is no one free to go out with. why? because everyone else is working.

lol! no wonder parents always say that schooling life is the best… and to treasure them.

whose free on weekdays? i’m forced to clear leave on 7th, 16th March and 30th – 31st March!

alright alright. work aint THAT bad. there is always the money. lol!

18 thoughts on “why it sucks being an adult.”

  1. When in school, you always want to go out with classmates after school.

    When at work, you always want to siam far far away from your colleagues after work.

    nadnut: LOL! so true!


  2. Heh, you’re right. Studying was bliss, especially at TP. Some men are even luckier. Get to have extended exemption because we have to serve NS, so can siam working life for another few years. Though it has to be said that once you get used to working life, it’s quite all right, especially if you’ve got good colleagues.

    nadnut: sigh. i miss school!


  3. Hey babe! Im surprised you found my blog! And more surprised you recognised me at Clarity’s. Haha. =) Was afraid to say Hi to you that day cos I didnt think you would recognise me.. Oopsie. =X Anyway, hope to see ya around k? And, I’ll link ya to my blog! Take care babe!

    Ps: You’re pretty too. =) Haha.

    nadnut: sure! link away! 😉 lol. of course will recognise u lah!


  4. yeah, works sucks. i am not looking forward to it when i graduate. i have to wake up early everyday! *groan* so sian sia. :p

    nadnut: treasure your schooling life!


  5. I’m a shift worker and I often find myself idling on my off days that fall on weekdays… Ain’t that bad la… Good to enjoy some personal space now and then…

    nadnut: true. but not everytime! ahahahaha


  6. I so agree with some of the points especially the last one!

    But then, there’s more financial freedom when you work unlike those schooling days when you get miniscule amounts of allowance. Learn to enjoy working. Haha.

    nadnut: yeah! i’m irked about the last point! hahahaa 😉


  7. it sucks even badly when you’re a full time worker and a part time student. Double the pain, double the expenditure.

    nadnut: i’ll be experiencing that real soon. the horror!


  8. i guess i still love school life although i cant wait to graduate the other time. hee…

    nadnut: the grass is always greener on the other side aye?


  9. You make me think twice about dreading school. But but.. exams sucks. 🙁

    nadnut: 2 weeks of exams versus a year of hard work. believe me, school is way better.


  10. i actually love to study! but i’d give anything to escape exams and CAs, to the point I rather work than study.

    nadnut: LOL! so which do u actually prefer?


  11. aye aye to that. but that’s if you do take leave again though, grins.

    nadnut: lol! taking leave on 7th, 16th, 30th and 31st of march!


  12. Oh yeah. School minus exams ROCKS. Can always talk crap in class and laugh like a madman. Work = focus and complete. Talk too much later people go home and blog about what a nuisance I am. What a hard life.

    nadnut: lol. i wanna go back to schoooool!


  13. moohoo! i didnt wanna graduate and now i dont wanna graduate even more!!!

    nadnut: welcome to the working world. heh heh.


  14. woah, 16th you take leave?! should’ve bought tickets to the kings of convenience man, aye waste waste ;p

    but ah, i’ll be idling on 30th + 31st ;p feel free to drop a msg or something if you need a porter for your afternoon shopping, lol.

    nadnut: a porter is always welcomed! heh


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