Announcements Yours truly...

whoops! happy 3!

dear blog,

i make a lousy partner. i actually forgot our anniversary. our third year anniversary (which was supposed to be on the 14th) to be exact.

thanks for sticking thru thick and thin with me and tolerating all the abuse from me. from the times i ranted and raved at you, shaking my first and punching the keyboard angrily whenever some dumbtwits irritate me, and from the times i sob and wail to you whenever i have my emo moods and from tolerating my bimboness with all the camwhore pics.

but i think i have treated you quite well too. from close to 2 years in blogger, we discovered wordpress was a much better home didnt we? after much discussions, we decided to move from our comfort zone to this real neat place. though i do not give u much new outfits (layouts) anymore as compared to those days in blogger where i could freely design my own layouts, you’ll have to agree that the new outfit fits real fine and is really neat! aside from that, we won’t have to tolerate any prank calls anymore (spam) aye?

it has been a good three years and i hope there would be many to come in future. i hope we do last long. here’s to you and me. *cheers*

ps- i decided not to get a cake for you this year because i think both you and me would really need a diet. we’re growing fatter! this is not good!