steak with me…

we medium-rares should steak together.

wonder what i’m talking about? im talking about my favourite food! STEAK! i met up with a few of the barflies, namely no2slack, kingmeng, joelle and tigerkiller for lunch at botak once again.

we waited 45 minutes for our food but it was damn worth it. SHIOKADOODOO!

pics! i was sooooo hungry that i finished EVERYTHING. *burp* anybody wants to head to botak next week? heh.

the meal..

using the magnifying function on me camera..


potato chips fries 😛

hungry? 😉

9 thoughts on “steak with me…”

  1. heh had to wait an hour today for my food @ botak jones! damn crowded! daddy had the fish n chips mummy had the cajun chic! n me…

    medium rare yummy steak too!! =)

    nadnut: wooot! i wanna see pics! 


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