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Shared this on my Dayre yesterday!

My turn to tackle the #4CNYQuestionsChallenge!

Honestly i’m NOT a fan of CNY. Never did celebrated it till I got married…

Visiting relatives that i do not know, making small talk and the heat, i would rather chill at home. I only like it when it’s visiting friends.

But obligations are obligations. But doesn’t mean I like it! Coupled with the fact that this year my bday is right smack on CNY day one, lagi sian.

This year I anticipate the following questions! I guess it’s a blessing that I’m pregnant cos they won’t ask me when i’ll be having a kiddo.

1. Is it a boy or girl?

No problem question. It’s a boy. Likely a lot of elders be very happy at this news. ????

2. When are you due?

Next month! Likely Aidan will be out in March!

3. Moved in le?

Since i have already done my banquet and honeymoon, i won’t be faced with such questions. Likely they’ll ask about the house.

Instead of sharing the horror contractor stories, i’ll just smile sweetly and say not yet and be prepared to be barraged with pantangness.

4. Why are you drinking cold water? / some pregnancy pantang question

Because i can.

Here’s hoping I won’t kena tough questions or i’ll be rolling my eyes way too often.

And i’m hoping we can make a quick escape so that we can celebrate my birthday instead of chingchongness!

After all, it’ll be the last time we be celebrating as just the two of us lol.

But i’m sure #nadskaijunior will make his presence felt by having his techno party in my belleh.

What will your #4CNYQuestionsChallenge be like?

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