what’s wrong with this statement?

recently a certain lee mentioned this:

‘Recounting his drive to the conference that morning, he said: ‘I was watching the trains going down into town along the Central Expressway. Every carriage was packed. I think we need to improve the public transport. We’ve got some ideas.’

is it me or there’s something wrong with this statement? or does he have some super powers? maybe someone should join heroes soon!

tiger asked me whats wrong with the statement on msn today and immediately i spotted the mistake. unless somebody has cctv positioned at the trains viewing the carriage and a tv in his damn car spying on them, there is no fucking way he can spot the “packed” carriages and “watching those trains going into town” for those trains were underground. how the fuck can he spot them when he’s driving (or being driven)?

unless he has xray vision, somebody has made a super big blunder again. mee siam mai hum part 2?

13 thoughts on “what’s wrong with this statement?”

  1. with lots of million dollar stuck in front of his eyes, you can’t blame him for that lack of vision. He already admit mah, he don’t have vision, only some ideas…hahaa


  2. I think the certain Lee saw the trains around Yishun-AngMoKio area.

    I don’t think he meant that he saw the train while he himself was traveling along CTE. I think he meant that the train was traveling along CTE in the general sense i.e. the North-South line.


  3. So if you live in the West, you can never go to the North or anywhere else for that matter? Where is the logic?


  4. well unless he went there for an event? in the early morning at 8am, during peak hour, to eyeball people getting on packed trains while driving towards a conference he’s attending…

    Yup makes a lot of sense.


  5. He comes to the Ang Mo Kio area quite often for his MP duties mah…

    The community club which he often appears has a clear view of the MRT tracks.


  6. If he say he can see, means he can see, hokay? We mortals shouldn’t argue. He is the mentor grandmaster yoda of the universe, after all.

    No wait!!

    Maybe he was referring to some ghost train that runs through CTE!!


  7. Just a guess, he should be around the Lentor Exit along SLE, which links to CTE shortly after. It crosses directly over the MRT track and the trains can be seen quite visibly.

    But then again, it is hard to look INTO the cabins and shouldn’t a driver’s eyes be on the road instead of the track?



  8. you are all wrong…he had hidden cctvs installed in the tunnels…so he can watch in the comfort of his driven vehicle. So what he say is right, how can u all say ish wrong???



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