there is no end to comparisons.

if you’re a friend, you would have heard this phrase from me many a times. this is one of my personal fave slogans in life. one being carpe diem! seize the day! – living ones life to the fullest and never regretting not doing the things that you have always wanted to do and the other, there is no end to comparisons.

many a times, i tend to fall into the “why can’t i be this way?” stage. it happens to everyone sometime or the other.

you’ll look at your pretty friends and you’ll feel ugly. you’ll look at your tall friends and you’ll feel short (this happens a LOT), you’ll look at your skinny friends and you’ll feel gigantic. you’ll look at your rich friends and you’ll feel like you are slaving your life away making ends meet and etc.

despite seeming like the confident lady i seem to be, i am not. i do tend to slip into self-pity once in a while.

and many a times i’ll tend to feel unhappy with my life. e.g. feeling fat, ugly, short, poor and stupid.

and i try to tell myself this “there is no end to comparisons” all the time.

everytime i feel fat (which happens a lot), i tell myself that i should be happy that i do not count the calories and i get to enjoy all the sinful food that i do. and there’s more of me to love. hurhurhur.

everytime i feel stupid, i tell myself that i should be happy that i should be lucky that despite not being very smart, i get things done and being streetsmart is a kind of smart that not many can possess.

everytime i feel short, i tell myself at least i have friends who love me the way i am and that i can always make use of them to get the clothing article on the top which i cant reach. *looks at gracey*

everytime i feel poor, i tell myself that at least i save enough money to go on mini indulgences like the holidays i’ve been to and able to splurge once in a while.

everytime i feel ugly, i tell myself, i have makeup and photoshop.

its easy wallowing in self-pity but its much healthier and happier to be contended with what one has and i really try to do so.

*reminds self: there is no end to comparisons and to stop looking at those beauty magazines with those stick thin anorexic looking models!*

5 thoughts on “there is no end to comparisons.”

  1. her legs are still mine!

    or u get the calves; i get the thighs?

    lets work something out, call me.



  2. “be content with what you have”?
    Easier said than done.
    I am just thinking that I need to understand why I get demoralized when I get worried about finances?

    And it just doesn’t stop with a simplistic answer, “cos no money, no talk what?”

    But, the answers have to go deeper. And they will point to my values and my perception of the world. Which really is quite a scary feat to do.

    I keep thinking I know me, but really, I don’t.


  3. and i look at my shorter friends and go.. why can’t I be shorter? sigh… andi always get made used of, to reach the item on the highest shelf…. hahah! aiyo… people will never be satisfied with what they have de. I know, you know, and everyone knows so cheer up 🙂


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