what drives you?

what are you living for? what drives you?

this question was posed to me, a few days ago and i was left speechless.

today, on my way to work, i pondered over the question. what am i living for? i really do not know. i believe many of us (who are working) will wonder why do we get up everyday to go to work.

and the answer is.. money.

we go to work to earn money. and the money goes to paying our debts/loans/expenses and what nots. so its a vicious cycle aint it? how many of us do enjoy what we are doing? or are you just working for the money? we earn money to pay off our studies/houses/to bring food on the table/enjoy. everything is about money aint it?

for myself, i’ll be working to save money for my part time degree. in which, i would still require a loan. and i foresee many years of slogging just to pay off that loan. after which, its time to support the family…

so what am i living for?

for myself? perhaps a certain percentage.

for my family? yes, to a certain extent. i give money to the family.

and i still don’t know what is it i’m living for? and that scares me.

what drives you? the determination to make it big? the party you will be going to next week? what? we have to look at the bigger picture in life.

parties, shopping and having fun are just momentarily indulgences. perhaps those are the moments that makes one feel that’s the way to enjoy life.

sure. if you have rich daddies and mummies to pay for you.

if not, you’ll feel the pinch when you see the balance in your bankbook plummet.

at the end, i still do not know what drives me…

so.. what drives you?

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