the machines take over the world.

or almost.

it seems like i have been passed over some rather ‘good luck’ by my friend barney.

last week my lappie (or mr compaq) decided to go into a coma and is in HP hospital.

and yesterday my phone seemed to go bonkers. for no rhyme or reason, i cant sms/receive sms (perhaps its due to the 2000+ sms-es in my phone. but i cant delete them).

then, when i was chatting in the middle of the night with a certain barfly, the phone just went dead. as in i cant switch it on. i couldnt remember his hp number so i couldnt call him back.

to you: sorry sorry!

i thought the problem was over in the morning, for i managed to switch it on…. then i just got suspicious and decided to call myself.

guess what?

the phone is on but it aint ringing!


arent we all slaves to our ‘machines’

so basically, im almost uncontactable. aside on the daytime when im on msn. wtf! perhaps its a sign for some solitude. and oh. i dun have all your numbers.


tmd. barney, take back your good luck leh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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