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I found out about this INQmobile phone online via word of mouth. Been hearing about the phone on some blogs and I got so curious that I had to google about it!

Before I tell you how you can stand a chance to win $100 CASH and a $100 shopping voucher, please bear with me while I gush about this phone like a deluded fangirl.

The developers of INQmobile understands the importance of Social Media. They understand that people like you and me who have this obsessive compulsive behaviour where we find a constant need to check our email like hourly and basically bore the rest of the world with our very mundane tweets.

*flicks hair*

WHAT?! Don't judge me! I love the internet and I love sharing tidbits of information (even if they aren't interesting). With the INQmobile, you can update your Twitter and Facebook right on the home screen!

If you're like me, who hates having to log in to each individual account to check your messages, this is another reason why you'll love the INQmobile! ALL messages from Facebook, Skype and Messenger are stored in one location together with your text and picture messages! Think of it as a one-stop centre! Not only that, all of your web and mobile contacts are also shared in one convenient location.

There's also a media player with Last.fm built in. Listen to your favourite playlists on the go!

With the INQmobile, you get to see what your contacts are up to, not in a stalkerish way but you can see if they're online on services like Facebook, Skype or Messenger. In that way, you can choose to contact them in a various amount of ways! I personally prefer msning instead of calling. Heh, cheaper! (Especially if you have a data plan!) Check out http://www.inqmobile.com for more information on the phone.

Sadly, this phone isn't in Singapore. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

Anyway! Here's how you can win $100 Cash and the shopping voucher!

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