wanna go to the ladies together?

why do women ask each other to go toilet together? unless there’s a big secret/gossip/relay msg, why do they go together? i used to “jio” friends to go toilet together in school when it was late last time. well because it was dark and i was.. well, scared but now after school, if i do ask someone to go to the washroom, it would be more of courtesy sake. e.g. “i’ll be going to the ladies, anyone wants to go too?”

but i wont make it a point to control my bladder just to wait for a friend to go or just to go with a friend while she does her bodily functions while i wait for her. (unless its late or like the above reasons)

but the girls in my office would go to the washroom in big batches. 5 of them would troop to the washroom at a go. there’s only 3 cubicles! the last time when i went to the washroom i bumped into them. some of them did not need to use the washroom!

then why do they go to the washroom together? *puzzled* if i was outside, i understand. but at work? erm. ok. just seems so bo liao. and yes im bo liao being puzzled by them. =X

do you go always go to the ladies together? if so, why? pray tell.

11 thoughts on “wanna go to the ladies together?”

  1. honestly, I never ask anyone when I go to the restroom especially if out drinking..I will just go off like that..some of gfs will scold me for not asking them along….I have no idea why


  2. For company lor. Especially when you’re outside and the toilet is far, walking to the toilet alone is boring. But office one is super weird. I never jio people go toilet when I work in an office! lol.


  3. usually office girls go loo together is to take a break.. gossip abit here and there about the bosses.. or the office sl.t hehehe

    always do that after lunch 😛


  4. i always do that in uni… and my lecturer will say, “are ur bladders all connected?” haha.

    but at the workplace, i don’t do that.

    (1) i don’t gossip at the office because i’d be killing myself if i did so
    (2) best to stay out of office politics. let other people bitch n gossip, we just do our work
    (3) it looks very unprofessional to go to toilet together lehhh. haha.

    cute blog btw. totally love the clouds and rainbow theme.


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