a little magic…

she sat at the cafe alone. watching couples, families and friends enjoying themselves in the festive period. somehow or rather, she always felt more alone during Christmas. it was a melancholic period for her. she always tend to reflect on the past years and what she has accomplished throughout her life.

it seems that she has not accomplished much nor anything spectacular in her life. she has a job same as many others. she has plenty of friends but how many of them would be there during hard times for her? in otherwords, how many of them were true friends?

she wished for a little magic this year. to give her the warm feeling in her heart that she was lacking. something to cheer her up and to look forward to every year…

7 thoughts on “a little magic…”

  1. It may not be apparent, but there is magic in life. Sometimes, beautiful things happen when least expected. Treasure your solitude while it lasts. I suspect it won’t be long before that solitude is shared with worthy company.


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