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This is one phrase that I’ve been using a hell lot in Japan. It means I don’t understand!

The sponsored trip officially ended yesterday morning however I extended my trip till Monday! Am currently in Osaka and we’ll be heading to Kyoto soon to stay in a Ryokan and off to Tokyo for more shopping!

Japan’s train system is mindbonggling! I get a headache looking at it!

Seriously, what I don’t get is how these Jap girls can dress like so prettily in their full battle makeup, the works literally plus high heels that are DAMN HIGH that you risk breaking a leg with every step you take, with the fabulous clothes, layering, socks or stockings PLUS a headgear in the scorching sun?!

I wore a tshirt + shorts + jelly pumps + light makeup and I’m perspiring like mad, feeling all dusty and icky, my makeup is horrible after a few hours and my legs ache like mad!

Japan’s summer is worst than Singapore’s weather!

We’ve conquered:

– Teppanyaki
– Udon
– Tempura
– Yakitori
– Sushi
– Sashimi
– Omu rice
– Ramen

Time to try the instant noodles, jap curry! Any other suggestions? I can’t find black sesame icecream here! ARGH.

Hopefully we’ll have free internet at our next place! Updates soon! <3

4 thoughts on “WAKARIMASEN!”

  1. FYI, the word “Jap” is a degradative term. Like “Hongkies” and “Banglas”. Please don’t call them Japs if you don’t wanna get beaten up! haha.


  2. since you’re in osaka, you should have their famous okonomiyaki and takoyaki!!

    in tokyo, you should try their monjayaki. 🙂


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