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The Soyjoy awards!

Decided to blog about the Soyjoy awards before you guys get bored about reading text only entries!

Im gonna keep this short and sweet and make it more pics intensive! heh. The awards was held at House at Dempsey a few weeks ago and we were allowed to invite some friends to join us for this very JOYous occasion.

While it was almost a done deal that I would win a ticket to Japan, afterall I did have the most number of votes, I wasn`t a 100% sure that I won. Thus I was a bunch of nerves on that day.

Me before the event started. Outfit of the day! Black offshoulder dress paired with a gold belt and black leggings and black booties that hurt like hell.

We were wondering if Eunice would be wearing black too!

The five of us contestants plus Parita.

As I was a bundle of nerves, my friends were there to calm me down.

Gracey became my official Twitter updater.

Fabian became my official Photographer and Jayden alternated from official Photographer and Videographer.

AWWWW. MUCH LOVE TO U THREE. *rains sloppy kisses on their faces*

We had a lovely low gi dinner and a talk by one of Temasek Polytechnic`s Applied Science lecturer on the importance of Low GI.

After that, it was the announcement of the results of each challenge!

Eunice won the challenge for Feed the Office, Rayner won the challenge for How I enjoy Soyjoy best, Pamela won the one on What Say you? and Ivy won the challenge for the Much Effort, Little Effort Video!

Then came the results!

I won Audience Choice. Really close fight between Rayner and me imho.

and Eunice won the Judges choice!

We got a HUGE Soyjoy bar which can be used as a bolster!

It even has our names embroidered on it!

The other 3 contestants got really cute Soyjoy pillows too! Obviously with such a prop, we camwhored madly with it!

ARGH. They wanted to smack Eunice and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sulking because we got smacked. lol!

Us with the Otsuka people…

With the Ogilvy peeps.

Pics with my friends!

Thank you for attending! <3

Such a nice pic of my guys and I. hurhur

Not forgetting my lovely Gracey who is always supportive of everything I do.

And I am now a Soyjoy Ambassador for a duration of one year!

Thanks for supporting me during the very long (7 whole weeks. OMFG) voting period! Proper updates on Japan will probably be up say end August – September or even later as I need to clear my backlog.

Next few updates: Results on Lucky draw, Blogathon (coupled with pics of the very lovely Kiehls boys), a food review and some vainpotty stuff!

Much love!

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  1. thanks for inviting me to be there with you! It was fun to help you twitter though I was pretty horrible in it..



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