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ZoukOut 2010

Headed to ZoukOut with some friends mainly Jayden, Fabian, Mus and bumped into Claudia, Feliza and Sara there!

Remember my previous post? In the end, we went in early and managed to get into the Citibank VIP Marquee because ccb had the Citi Clear Platinum Card.

Outfit of the day: Netted top, shorts and bag from TheBlogShop. White bikini from Sheer romance, jellies from Novo and hat from some obscure shop in Melaka.

I think ccb’s friends went to the Heineken Marquee but because I don’t drink beer, we stayed at the Citibank Marquee instead. While we were at the marquee, the Citibank promoters were sharing some info about the promotions. Apparently the Citi Clear Platinum Card seems to offer lotsa perks for most of the clubbing places!

Free flow from 8pm – 10pm is such a nasty thing. I swear I can’t remember a thing that happened from 10pm – 2am. The aliens must have abducted me or something.

Some pics from Gio, Jayden and my camera. None of them that I remember taking or posing for.

I woke up when it started to rain and managed to catch the fireworks. Really pretty! But nothing beats going to Kukup and releasing those fireworks yourself!

Didn’t really fancy Tiesto but Guetta was fantastic! Sadly, ccb’s friends wanted to go so we didn’t managed to stay for the whole Guetta set. Ah well.

Ending off with a nice picture we took at the Citibank photobooth.

Still quite bummed we didn’t stay throughout Guetta’s set. Ah well. Really fun! We should have stayed inside the marquee! The crowd outside was crazy packed and the ccb lost his slippers while squeezing to find his friends. And the network problem! Did you guys listen when I told you guys that it would be impossible to get through to your friends? See see see! I told you so!

Next year perhaps? That is if Guetta is back!

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