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Please support my friends’ shops!


First would be Xsquad! Isaac invited me and other bloggers like Jayden, Typicalben, Esther to Ark’s shop opening! Lotsa nice stuff for the guys!

With Jayden.

With Typicalben and Isaac.

Established in July 2009, XSQUAD positions itself as the foremost Asian Street wear retail and style hub. It’s retail and business model is built on the base of conceptual lifestyle marketing and aims to market not just products but a lifestyle. Xsquad goes beyond mere retail to provide full value-chain incubation to aspiring local street wear designers. These include providing manufacturing contacts, supply chain management and design incubation.

XSQUAD’s has secured exclusive of two brands from Taiwan and hopefully more to come WALUX & DESTROYLAND, as well as upcoming label OUNO & kHILOSOPHY. We are currently working on our XSQUAD label.

We hold members party from time to time as we would like to take the opportunity to interact with the customers so as to keep on improving ourselves.

Fell in love with the fedoras and caps there. Guess which colour of the fedora did I get?

Please support Xsquad! Visit them at 2 Handy Road, The Cathay, #03-11!

Jiayou Ark and Cindy!



This other shop is actually a blog shop by one of my fellow MJ ambassadors Emileen!

This talented lady manufactures her clothes! Her latest collection is so lovely! I love this work dress in pink! (See how short my hair is!)

And this pleated empire dress in blue!

Support my fellow MJ ambassador k!



Totally forgot to post up these pics! I did my nails at Milly’s ages ago! Gel extensions with lovely fruits! Mad chio or what?! Go get your nails done at Milly’s now!

7 thoughts on “Please support my friends’ shops!”

  1. pei: awww thanks babe!

    The Merry Traveller: I love it! Feel like getting another outlandish design done again! Any suggestions?

    Missy Lynn: Really? Kinda miss my long hair.. :/

    WeiRu: Chopped it all off!


  2. The pink fedora looks so prettieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… ok ok will be sure to check out the shop when i go cathay for movie this sat 🙂

    I like the nails.. but will it last? i very tomboyish so scared waste money doing something that kanna destroyed by me in 2 days..


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