Beauty Pictures

Purple light.

As promised, I took some pictures to share one of my typical makeup look!

Items we’re using here!

I tried the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover which I absolutely adore!

Here’s the texture. It’s coloured unlike its predecessor!

It smoothes the skin giving it an even complexion.

Now to try it!

Tak glam pic of me with my hair dripping wet. I have nothing on my face aside from the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover. On the left side, I’ve used the primer and on the right, there’s nothing. Notice how the colour of my dark circles aren’t that bad anymore?

Now to use the Skin Remaker Pore Cover and the Purple Midnight Dresser!

I always bring my Midnight Dressers when I travel! It’s just so convenient! Eyeshadows and glosses in a compact case.

I love emphasizing on my eyes. Time to whip out the Perfect Automatic Liner!

See what a big difference eyeliner makes?

After a few coats of Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On…

The final look.

Add some blusher…. and gloss…

Here’s a tip! If you hate using your fingers to apply your gloss as much as I do and do not want to pack an extra lip gloss brush when you’re traveling, use a cotton bud! Bend it into two and you can apply your gloss easily now!

And here’s the final result!

Would you like to see more of such entries? Perhaps on diff eye looks? Let me know!


I was feeling very purplish recently so I decided to get my nails done in purple!

Headed to Millys at Bugis and the lovely Gina did infills for my acrylic extension and proceeded to perform magic on my nails!

The end result?

Am loving my nails! Especially adore the glitter effect below that makes it looks like sugar on my nails!

Am absolutely loving my nails. What design should I do next? Suggestions please!

Do check out Milly’s!


Do visit Milly’s newest outlet at Bugis Village Extension, Level 2 @ Bom Bom Street! Milly’s is offering some fab promotions right now!

In conjuction of Milly’s New Bugis outlet at Bugis Village Extension, Milly’s marketing team have came up with an attractive hair extension promotion.

Promotion A

Spent $158 and receive

A) Eyelashes Extension + 1 touch up Or
B) Hair Curler

Promotion B

A) Do 100 strands free 50 strands ( Thick Quality )

B) Do 100 strands free 100 strands ( Thin Quality )
Braiding method, $1 a strand. Free removal of hair extension within a year.

Remember to call Millys (at 8383 5395) to make an appointment!

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