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MJ Chapter XXIII – Jeweling Eyes

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The star attraction of Chapter 23 has to be the lovely eyeshadow palettes. MJ has launched not one, not two but eight lovely eyeshadow palettes called Jeweling Eyes for this chapter.

I love the colours, there’s warm and cool colours ranging from brown, blue, purple, pink and green! So far I’ve only collected two, six more to go!

One thing that I absolutely adore about Jeweling Eyes is the intense sparkle it gives. Here’s the official note to why it sparkles beautifully.

Formulated with a mixture of virtually colorless, translucent pearls of various sizes, a range of light reflections occur, resulting in a variety of light intensities being reflected from a polyhedral cut. The eyelids then emit contrasting glitter every time they are seen from a different angle. – similiar to diamonds

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys on how to apply eyeshadow. Well, at least, nadnut style. LOL.

First up, I’ll be using the GD886 palette. It’s of a brown, copperish tone and is very suitable for a day or night look. I’ll be demonstrating on how to achieve a smokey eyes look without resorting to dark brown or black eyeshadow.

First up, an introduction of the palette. There are 4 colours here and I have numbered them so that it’ll be easier to explain later.

Here’s a brief explanation of the colours.

1. Jeweling colour. It’s formulated with Jeweling Pearls that gives off an intense glow with the contrast of light, just like light refracted through a polyhedron cut jewel.

2. Nuance colour. Leaves your eyelids looking bright.

3. Shadow colour. A metallic yet glossy colour which helps to give a sculpted look to the eyes.

4. Line colour. Helps line the eyes while scattered pearls help achieve a shimmery look for the eyes.

Start off with a foundation ready face. Don’t forget your concealer!

Apply a liberal amount of Jeweling Color (No. 1)  and Nuance Color (No. 2) on your entire eyelid. Personally I love applying right up to my brow bone. I find that it looks better. I blended both Jeweling Colour and Nuance Color together but you can use either or if you like.

Blend in the Shadow Colour (No. 3) from the outer corner of your eye to the centre of your eyelid.

This is how it should look. If you like a simple day look, you can stop at this step or perhaps add some mascara and you’re all good to go.

However as we’re looking at a night look, we’ll be making it more intense.

I drew a line along the upper lid and 2/3 of the lower lid from the outer corner with Line Color. I also blended in Line Color (No. 4) with the Shadow Colour.

Finish up the look by applying eyeliner and mascara. I used Neo Automatic Liner in soft black (BL911) and Lash Enamel Glamour NEO. I also applied Nuance Colour in the inner corner of my eye.

And there you have it! Eyes that pop! Dark but nothing gothic looking. I love this look as it goes with everything. Very sophisticated look.

I’ll be doing another eyeshadow tutorial for the other palette I received. Would you like to see a day or a night look? Do comment! Or if there’s any other tutorials that you’ll like to see, do let me know. 🙂

Aside from that, do log on to for an animated step by step makeup tutorial. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial that I’ve just did. 🙂

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