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MJ Tutorial – Day look

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Remember the previous tutorial that I did?

This time, I’ve decided to do a simpler look, more of a day look.

We’ll be using the MJ Jeweling Eyes RD786 for this tutorial.

Here’s a brief recap of the colours.

1. Jeweling colour. It’s formulated with virtually colourless translucent pearls that give off an intense glow with the contrast of light, just like light refracted through a polyhedron cut jewel.

2. Nuance colour. Leaves your eyelids looking bright.

3. Shadow colour. A metallic yet glossy colour which helps to give a sculpted look to the eyes.

4. Line colour. Helps line the eyes while scattered pearls help achieve a shimmery look for the eyes.

Unfortunately this time, lighting seems to be terrible. Apologies!

As always start with a foundation ready face. I’ve placed Jeweling colour all over my eyelids and up till my brow bone. I’ve also applied the shadow colour on the inner corners of my eyes.

Apply as much Nuance and Shadow colour as you like on your entire eyelid. There is no right or wrong way, just experiment! 🙂

I’ve applied the Line colour. Just “draw” a thin line on your upper and lower lids.

As you can see in this pic, I’ve applied a very thin layer of Line colour as compared to my previous tutorial. Follow up with your favourite eyeliner. I’m using Neo Automatic Liner in black (BK999).

This will be how it looks like.

Curl your lashes.

Apply your favourite mascara base.

Oh and not forgetting, I’m using Lash Bone. It really helps strengthen the curl and holding power.

Apply mascara. I’m using Lash Gorgeous Wing here.

Don’t forget to highlight your cheekbones with your favourite blusher.

For a flawless look, finish up with Pressed Pore Cover.

Accessorise and camwhore!

But most of all, it’s important to have fun experimenting!

Which look do you prefer? The previous night look or the day look? If you’re interested in any other looks/colours, do comment and I’ll try my best.

Aside from that, do log on to for an animated step by step makeup tutorial. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial that I’ve just did. :)

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