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Sometimes we should just take some time to just observe.

I love people watching. But sometimes, we are so busy with the hustle and bustle of life that we rush through things. We rush rush rush through the crowds, we are so caught up with our lives that we forgot to appreciate the little things in life.

It was sometime back where I decided to just take some time people watching.

I shared this in plurk, but I totally forgot to blog about it, so here goes.

I see a couple. Young. Happy, taking pictures of themselves.
I see a man holding a bouquet of flowers looking nervous. Could be he’s gonna profess his love.
I see a man with some luggage. Whistling to himself. He better not be a terrorist.
I see some young teenagers shopping, happy, perhaps enjoying their holidays and spending their parents hard earned cash.
I see an old man half limping. He has sadness in his eyes.
I see a young malay couple. Tickling each other. Laughing joyfully.

And that was what I saw. Why not take some time to just people watch? Share with me what you’ve seen. Please be my eyes for a day. 🙂

On a side note, to all mothers: Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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