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things to do after my exams.

my marketing research paper is tomorrow and truth to be told, i’m not prepared. cant seem to absorb any of the boring stuff. argh. this is bad. 2 papers. die. aja aja fighting!

decided to take a break and blog on things to do after my exams. considering the fact that i’m departing for perth on july 15th, it doesnt seem that there’s enough time to do all these. bah.

    1. to send password to friends and readers
    2. buy a new phone. stupid phone going bonkers!
    3. to clear backlog at work. yikes.
    4. good full body massage
    5. facial or pedicure. tough choice
    6. to visit the dentist.
    7. maybe catch dimsum dollies? if the seats are good. 🙁
    8. check out uncle ringo!
    9. to obtain the rest of the episodes of grey’s anatomy and ugly betty.
    10. to head down to wala and get shirlyn’s signature on my new cd
    11. pitstop loving. hopefully will be able to kick chao astro’s ass.
    12. to jog 10km in a month. (i have not forgotten my challenge)
    13. to apply for travel insurance
    14. to make final payment for perth trip
    15. to plan for taiwan trip
    16. to start typing report for perth. 10 effing pages b4 we leave!
    17. to meet up with friends like mrkennychan once he’s back! and thebeanmaster who has disappeared after he’s been sucked in the evil dark circle called school. (happy belated birthday mrkennychan!)
    18. steamboat or bbq
    19. try to borrow a lappie for perth, if not, buy one. (anyone wanna sell their singtel free lenovo y300 at a good price?)
    20. to go clubbing and activate my cannery card. 😛
    21. to clear up my room, throw away stuff and hopefully buy a new wardrobe.
    22. to perhaps start on my cross-stitch. my wtp bag!
    23. oh shit. to find my bankbook details, operation details and send to my “friend-agent.” (otherwise known as fag from now. :P)
    24. to bring my parents out for dinner before i leave. treat them good food.

10 thoughts on “things to do after my exams.”

  1. im sitting in 408 right now studying for that MR rubbish. and stupid thing is, I know nothing and we weren’t told anything either!


  2. i can pass u my harddisk for grey’s anatomy and ugly betty episodes… provided you’re free 😛


  3. All the best to you. Find your time management very useful. Trust you to do it with the good stragetic method successfully. 🙂


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