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that thing about locking up my blog…

its quite sad to think about it sometimes. from the times i could blog freely about work, where i’m working, the shitwork, friends, family, bf and anything under the sun 3 years ago. and as i grew older, stepped into the real working world, i grew wiser. i no longer blog much about work, i do not post pictures or identify who i’m dating, i do not show pictures of my family, i withhold information about some aspects of myself which i would like to keep true to myself.

blogging used to be rare then, a few teeny boppers blogging, something unheard of then (huh? simi blog?!), looked as a narcissism diary or website. but now, almost everyone is blogging. from celebrities, aunties, any tom, dick and harry knows whats a blog and they are blogging. (well most of them). i wont be surprised if the ladies in my office are blogging.

infact recently, i went out my then-intern and bumped into her friend. her friend turned to me and exclaimed ‘hey i know you! i read your blog!’. something new to me. i was shocked and shy. just muttered a few words and felt like digging a hole in the ground. don’t get me wrong. it was a new experience for me. i dont consider myself wide-read at all.

one of the barflies told me once, whats wrong with blogging? she blogs openly and her colleagues/bosses probably know she does blog too.

in a way, i’m a bit embarrassed about blogging. i wouldnt want colleagues (those older than me) or bosses to know of this secret life of mine. the crazy aspects of nadia, camwhoring like nobody’s business or the tearful, emotional side of me. as much as i have published my life as it is on my blog, public as it may be, i do value my privacy. ironic isnt it?

there are many issues i would like to blog about but i’m not sure who is reading. i do suspect some people of the office has had seen my blog but how much this is true, i wont know. aside from that, there are many issues that i would love to blog about, to get out all my anger about such stuff, e.g. school and work or maybe even tiger! but how do u do so without them reading the entries? the best solution? lock up those entries.

i’ll be locking up some entries on my blog. trusted friends and long time readers would be able to get access to the entries. if you’ll like the password, comment here with your email address.

and if i dont reply to you in a timely fashion, i’m sorry. exams are in few days time (and procrastinator me hasnt even started studying!). pls be patient with me. 🙂


  1. wah piangs… u must gimme password lorrr.. i ish ur long time reader wor.. from ur blogspot days. wahahaha.. 😛

    anyways i also lock up work stuff.. private stuff.. stuff i dun want pple to know.. because id unno who’s reading..


  2. You know me lah. I support you in whatever you do! Let’s just say blogging, down to its core, it’s to document our daily lives. The nice and the not so nice bits… all of it if you can. But once sensitivity due to work or other things kick in – it’s only natural to self-preserve.

    My method:
    I blog openly but I omit important details about my work – my colleagues and even senior managers are reading me! I would prefer to sort out the differences between me and him in real life. Airing it on my blog doesn’t quite solve the issue and it might complicate the misunderstanding further – so I feel it’s not necessary for me to blog about it anyways.

    Just be yourself and be vigilant – it doesn’t have to change anything much… Give me your pw ok!


  3. don’t forget me yeah. i’ll freak if i realise i can’t get into ur blog. HAHA. 🙂

    anyway. study hard for exams. i’ll just post pictures on my blog for the event yeah? it’s alright u can’t come down. i know u’ll still be there to support me. HAHA. 🙂


  4. I understand what you mean. Privacy is something valuable these days, what with Big Brother watching, so many people having access to the internet and, like you said, so many people taking up blogging.

    Good luck for your exams! 🙂


  5. i guess there’re some things which we should never blog about. especially when it comes to revealing too much about what goes on at the workplace (we both know who does that yea?).

    But a point to ponder… What with all the hacking nowadays, are our blogs really safe even with password protection?


  6. I know what you mean. Many times when I blog, I have to withhold info too. But that’s a small sacrifice to make in return for being able to share your thoughts and opinions with the world. 😛


  7. aiya.. impt thing abt blogging… have several blogs.. hahahhhahaahah….

    i have one for my life & 1 for bitchin abt work…

    And i dun mention company and names in the work blog.. so untraceable…

    PS: email me ur pw..i m ur blog stalker… hahahaha


  8. i think many people who blog face this issue…that’s why locking up posts with sensitive issues does make sense…

    do email me your pw too!


  9. well, we all need to have stuff that are not meant to be public sometimes! i have a diff blog too! hehe! pw!

    and good luck for MR and AMS! aja aja fighting! and rem to come my house and collect the shows!


  10. NOOOOOOO!! Dun Lock!!! ='(
    *nadnut withdrawal syndroms… *

    no leh… I just try to refrain from writing sensitive stuff. My close colleagues and ex-colleagues know, but not the the rest. Thus, only about four or five people from work know ba. Else, you could always have password protected posts.


  11. Er… is the password by any chance “steak” ?

    Anyway, so now you know why I have a policy of not putting my own photo up on my own blog.

    In a way, I want to be identified but only on the blogosphere. I keep my real life and net life separate with only a trusted qualified few granted access to both sides.


  12. Long time no see! just come back and would like to treasure your precious blog. Can I have a password? Thanks a lot. 🙂


  13. have been reading your blog for quite sometime now. its refreshingly funny and your reviews on food and stuffs have been goood! would be sad if that’s the last of it. so if you decided to lock it up, pw pls!


  14. exskew me….am i close enuff for locked entries? hehehehe……

    i guess now u are on liquidblade which allows these features, might as well use it lor. i sometimes feel damn sian because i really wan to post my pics up but im so fearful of being found out, esp with some of those stories. read liao can destroy relationships…


  15. “from celebrities, aunties, any tom, dick and harry”
    You missed out uncles leh. Me uncle. Me also blog. kekeke…

    This is your blog. You decide and administer what goes onto your blog. So if you feel uncomfortable, then go ahead and password protect it. But make sure u pick one solid solid password and not something like “iIshVeryLikeSteak”. 🙂

    Gd luck.


  16. hi nadnut.. im a supporter of yours.. lol.. needless to say, whatever you do, at least there are people support you..

    hopefully im not rejected for a password from you.. =)


  17. a true supporter of yr blog, a silent reader since tp days.. =) a so-called junior and have spoken to you before.. highly doubt you would rem me thou.. *smiles* me is no stalker thou!! hahahaha..

    takecare ya..