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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 6 Episode 2: Let’s get dirrrrty! (Brisbane)

We had to get down and dirrrrty for this activity. We were going kayaking and rock climbing! As Jen jen was still having those rashes, she had to skip this activity but she had fun shopping!

We were at the Riverlife Adventure Centre.


Here’s some background info!

Riverlife Adventure Centre hires equipment and provides advice to discover Brisbane’s best sights and uniquely Queensland environments. They also conduct daily rock climbing and abseiling adventures as well as programmed activities such as yoga, massage, personal fitness training, night kayaking and night rock climbing.

Anyway the kayaking bit was tiring! It must be because I’m so unfit.

Only Rod and myself finished this activity.

Poor Audrey was not feeling well and Andre being the gentleman he always is, was trying to tow her kayak to shore and the poor fella capsized! LOL.

The next activity was a few hours later so Jane drove us back to the hotel for a bit of a rest.

In the end, only Pree and myself headed off for the rock climbing bit.

Yeah! It isn’t some man made walls like you see in Safra Yishun or wherever, it’s real rocks baby!

This ain’t comforting at all!

Pree and I took turns belaying each other. This wasn’t my first time belaying so it came naturally to me.

It was pretty hard but I managed to climb all the way to the top! Pree had some difficulty so she gave up after a rather tough fight.

As mentioned earlier, this was real rocks so we had to put our hands inside those grooves which had moss and some icky stuff inside.

Heh. The instructor, Jane and Pree called me Spiderwoman!

The cute instructor and me. 😉

I gotta admit, it was a great experience. The exhilaration I felt when I managed to reach the top was superb!

We were climbing in the dark. It was a new and unique experience for me. I really enjoyed myself and I would love to do it again!

Give me another chance to do it and I will!

Next episode! The search for the holy grail pancakes!

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  1. Wah fun. Hey, Rod seems to have shrinked since the last time i saw him in person. (judging from the photo that is)


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