i dun understand some people… onlie knoe how to moan and complain bout why their life is like so and so… EVERYTIME… so have gf problems? so wat if no bf? so wat if no money? sheesh… muz they complain and moan abt how their life turned out wrong? abt how god is unfair to them. sheesh. im perpectually broke. so? i dun blame god. i have family problems. so? do i blame anyone? do i even write i have family problems? no one would knoe. sheesh. everyone loves to complain. its understandable. me myself have been guilty over tis lovely crime. bet my frens cant stand to hear a sentence tat starts with ‘my idiot…’. yes. i have been guilty over talking a lot abt my idiot. but i dun moan. i dun blame god. (not tat i believe in one. yes i dont. i wanna convert to a free thinker. will blog abt tat another time) sheesh. i dun go around moping and blogging and practically telling the whole wide world abt my problems. SHEESH. come on. get a grip on urself.

if u have gf/bf problems : BREAk UP! or work it out. u can find a new one. comeon lor. how old are u? and u believe its TRUE LOVE? my ass! look at those married couples. they TOT it was TRUE LOVE. helloo DIVORCE.

if u dun have a gf/bf: SO? will it fuking KILL U? sheesh. u’ll find one sooner or later. sheesh. like as if without a gf/bf, u cant function properly. sheesh. GET A FREAKING LIFE.



anyway, today did project again till late. noting new. went for the board of governors lecture. damn boring. speaker is a bit political and keep straying away from the question. Sheesh. questions were planted. a bit TOO obvious.

tink im a bit pmsy…

i hate whiners.