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Soooooooo…. What are you doing now?

By now, most people know that I decided to leave my previous workplace to concentrate on my studies (and because well, I do not see myself in Corp Comms. I think I’m more suited in Events/Advertising/Marketing) a few weeks ago. I think I’ve made a good choice. I can FINALLY concentrate on my studies and now I won’t be so stressed juggling work and studies. If one is not happy at work, seriously what’s the point right? Anyway, details on that later.

And everyone has been asking me what I’ve busy with.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been occupied with filming on weekends, studying for exams and stressing out over exams.

The exams are finally over and the dreaded results will be out on the 9th. *shivers*

So…. currently I’ve been busy meeting up with friends, planning for both my holidays and Blogger’s Sweets and blogging like mad.

Really. I’ve been to Mortoni’s Night 3 times in 2 weeks. I got sloshed like mad a few days ago. I have met up with some peeps recently, 1 being yesterday’s Pizza outing with the pingsters, 1 being a nice chitchat session and hopefully I’ll have some nice pics, I’ve attended the very nice HP event which hopefully I’ll be able to blog about it soon and I’m going to Phuket end of July! Just settled the airtix and the accommodation! And somehow or rather I STILL want to travel! Maybe to Malaysia! There are so many states in Malaysia that I’ve never been to before!

I’ve also been busy with getting my hair (yes i know, vainpot!), lashes and nails done at Milly’s and ordering pretty accessories from Angelicious Creations. I AM SO BROKE NOW! Anyone knows of any part time jobs?

And I’ve been busy getting bloggers and desserts places to be featured for Blogger’s Sweets! If you guys know of nice dessert places, please feel free to recommend! Filming restarts soon! I’m so psyched! We took a long break because of my exams and Jayden was in NS. I haven’t seen him in ages! I think it has been almost a month!

So far, I think I’ve been blogging a lot as compared as usual? I know I know, I still owe a lot of updates. Especially for events and Unexpected Australia updates. *gulps*

Hopefully I’ll be done with ALL Unexpected Australia updates before my Phuket trip! (seriously backlog man. πŸ™ I’ve just realised I didn’t even blog about last year’s Australia’s study trip and Taiwan trip. *gulps*) Btw, any recommendations on what to do in Phuket?

So bear with me for a while while I’ll try to finish up my Unexpected Australia updates and my event updates!

Thanks guys!


5 thoughts on “Soooooooo…. What are you doing now?”

  1. where will you be staying? Phuket is more for relax…you can go to patong beach if you like…there are night markets as well if you want to shop…have fun!


  2. Hey nad! It’s great tt you’re visiting Phuket(I’m heading there nxt week and I went there last july).

    Of cos there’s always the usual beach stuffs that u can do, jetski, parasailing, tan:read:ppl watch by the beach, eat (alot!) etc. Not forgetting the *must try* island hopping where u can snorkel, canoe etc.. But what I listed is what I’ve done and will be doing since I haven’t got the time to do all that last yr.

    End it all off with cheap n good+decent massage!I’m sure u’ll like that. πŸ˜‰


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