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The super belated entry on the HP TouchSmart Blogger’s Nite.

I wonder if you guys still remembered the HP TouchSmart contest I held on my blog (along with some other bloggers) some time ago?

Anyway here’s my take (and the crazy amount of pictures taken) at the event itself.

When Daryl emailed me to invite me for the HP TouchSmart event, I felt really excited because I’m currently loving everything “touchy” be it from my Ipod Touch to my DS Lite (or affectionately named naDS Lite) to my current LG Phone which has this nifty Touch Media thingy (which by the way I really abuse the Magic Ball function everyday) to my current laptop which is a HP Tablet PC.

Aside from that, the event was held at Brotzeit. I have heard so much about the place but have never been there before. Daryl promised food and drinks and asked all of us to bring our appetite. (Personally that really was the catch to a HUGE foodie like me. *cough just kidding!*

Yours truly got really trigger happy so please bear with me as I insert loads of pics inside this post. (There is a reason why my namecard has “Camwhore Enthusiast” on it.)

Brotzeit is well known for their beers and during the event, the bloggers were given free access to the beer. Free flow baby! Unfortunately yours truly is not a fan of beer. (Which can be a good thing afterall. You wouldn’t want to see me all tipsy and slurring there.)

Most of the bloggers took advantage of the free flow and enjoyed themselves tremendously. I remember Nicole telling me that the Mango Beer was really nice. I took a sip and I gagged. Sorry, this lady really doesn’t like beer. 🙁

While we waited, we took advantage of the moment to camwhore (check out the above picture), gossip and updated each other on the latest happenings.

Front row: Claudia and me. Back row: Marina and Jacelyn.

And soon the moment arrived!

I meant the food. :X

I absolutely adored the wedges.

Salad and sausages. Yum!

And the REAL moment arrived!

*insert drumrolls* THE HP TOUCHSMART! woot!

I seriously felt like throwing away my lil tablet pc after seeing the TouchSmart. It’s way better than a tablet and it’s so pretty! *flips hair*

Call me a bimbo if you must but I always feel that packaging is important. Be it from gadgets or people, it’s a must to have good packaging. If it’s damn great to use but looks like shit or weighs a ton, I’m NOT getting it.

My blog looks so pretty on it!

Give me something smart and looks great. I’m sorry but this lady has high expectations. MUST look good!

And the TouchSmart looks good! It’s slim and is sensitive and has this cool ambient lighting!

Sexeh Rinaz making the HP TouchSmart even more sexier!

You can use your fingertips to write little notes for your loved ones. Rinaz has kidnly wrote a very sweet note for yours truly as shown in the picture below.

No. I did not bribe her to write that.

Aside from being oh so cool and oh so pretty, the TouchSmart has some really great features like the wireless keyboard to the adjustable screen to the 4GB worth of memory, the fantastic 22 inch monitor, one power cord to reduce wire clutter, comprehensive build in features and as I mentioned earlier, the funky ambient lighting.

Me want one!

I think Jayden would seriously love the TouchSmart. Some time ago while we were doing some recordings for Blogger’s Sweets, Jayden was doodling on my tablet PC. He drew some really nice stuff! I would think he’ll love this TouchSmart and he’ll be able to design and doodle to his heart’s delight!

All of us touched the TouchSmart all night and left our grimy and oily fingerprints all over it. The poor TouchSmart must have felt violated. LOL!

For more information, do feel free to check out their official press release or you could check out the HP TouchSmart Singapore Blog or you can check out a review of it on HardWareZone.

While the rest of the bloggers ate their fill and drank to their heart’s content, yours truly was camwhoring away. Here’s some of the pictures taken!

The charming gentlemen Melvin and Nic with yours truly.

We love colours! Sweet Hillary, Sexeh Rinaz and Short nadnut. hurhur.

I finally got to met her! This lady designed one of my blog’s skins years ago! Back when I was at blogspot!


Jerrick, me and Rinaz.

I just found out that Yin and I make one whole Malay and one whole Chinese together!

Sheylara, Daddy D and me. (Daddy D is our pimp.)

Jerrick and Daddy D wants to be my pimp.

I decided to be a Pimp mistress instead. Meet my moobs “chicks”: Jerrick and Hisham. *squeezes*

Brian will soon be recruited into my lil exclusive moobs club.

Pic by Bernard. The lovely Geek Goddess and me.

Pic by Bernard. Nicole, Melvin, Bernard and me.

I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to Melvin, Daryl aka Daddy D, the lovely peeps at Waggener Edstorm and HP for organising this lovely event. 🙂

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