the need to please.

she leaped into the air. she was lost in the music, her body following the rhythm of the music.

dancing was her passion. she practiced her moves. there was no room for mistakes. it had to be perfect. she had to be perfect.

her ankles were hurting and her body ached. she had not taken a drop of water nor food for the past 48 hours. she was hellbent on perfecting the dance. all through her life, she has been making mistakes, but this time, it had to be perfect.

she will never stop dancing until she has achieved perfection. it was but an obsession. an obsession for perfection.

days later, she entered the competition. she looked pale like a ghost due to the lack of sleep or food. perfect, she told herself. after all she was dancing the part of a ghost. the judges were amazed at her moves, the perfect turns, the gracefulness of the dance.

from every step, every flick of the hand to every move, it was perfect. though the judges gave her a standing ovation and as she felt the cool metal in her hand, she was not satisfied.

for the only judge that she had not pleased, was herself.

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