HP Mini Tord Bootje. I lust for j00.

I just got back from the Nothing but HP for me event and I am definitely suffering from techolust after looking at the lovely products there.

HP launched a few products which are the HP Envy, the HP Minis including the very sexy HP Mini Tord Bootje and many others. Infact there are a few more that were realllly nice but because the information is embargoed till October, I can’t say much about them. Sorry!

While some of my friends were going gaga over the HP Envy,

perhaps because of how powerful it was, I totally paid no attention to it. Infact, when Calvin introduced it to me, I gave it a brief nod and went straight for the HP Mini Tord Bootje.

This was love at first sight. Well, to be exact, lust at first sight.

You know how sometimes you just meet someone where there’s this pure “animalistic” attraction between you guys that you know that you just have to have him/her?

This was it for me.

I didn’t care about the specs or the cost. All I knew was that I had to have it. I had to possess it. I needed it. I wanted to stroke its classy white beauty in my hands. To touch every single corner, every piece of it. Pure lust.

I made my order and hopefully I’ll be able to caress the beauty soon. I hope this will not be a choice that I’ll regret. Needless to say, the Ching Chong Boy was against me buying it as I already have a netbook and a laptop. :/

Needless to say, there will always be camwhoring amongst bloggers.

Some pics with my friends!

For those who are interested, the lovely HP Mini TB retails at US$549 from September onwards. It weighs at a mere 1.06kg and is an inch thick. Thankfully it runs on Windows XP and not buggy old Vista and has 160gb internal storage.

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