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Hitting the big 30.

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OMG, it’s time to change my IC. I turned 30 on 8 February! 29 was a huge year of change for me!

As per my yearly tradition, it’s time to summarise my life into one post to see where I’ve failed and where I’ve succeeded.

Studies: Nada. Completed basic Korean with Kingmeng, Anna, Jason etc however I didn’t really learn much out of it. Ooops.

Work: Am gonna hit my 3 years next week! Jem has left Asiasoft 🙁 Very very sad day for me. Am missing her badly!

Family: Same old, same old. All good.

Love: I AM MARRIED. wow. Huge change. We had our ROM on 10.11.12 at the Singapore Flyer in 2012 and very soon we’ll be having our wedding dinner on 1st March aka 1314! Super headache planning it!

Health:After losing 12kg last year, I’ve been super lazy! I haven’t been religiously low carbing nor cutting down on my alcohol. I’ve cut down on running as my knees hurt. Put on like 3kg. BOO! Have taken up yoga with Updog Studio which I love! So fun!

Friends: Am happy with my current group of friends :)

Blogging: Been rather quiet recently but blessed to have had great sponsors!

Thanks to everyone and anyone who has wished me a very happy birthday. As mentioned every year: birthdays just symbolises another year closer to the grave (to me). So love like you have never loved before, eat like you have never eaten before, live life like every day is your last.

Much love,

Singapore Lifestyle Blog, nadnut, Turning 30, nadnut birthday

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