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The Soyjoy Japan trip! – Tokyo Disneyland

As some of you guys may know, I’m a huge fan of theme parks. I absolutely adore thrill rides. Went to Dream World in Australia twice and I still wanna go back there again!

So when I heard that we were going to Tokyo Disneyland, I was damn excited.

Sadly to say, it turned out to not what I expected. The rides in Disneyland weren’t as exciting or thrilling as I thought it’ll be.

But then, I guess that Disneyland is more targeted to the kids?

More kawaii rides and shops. In fact, there were loads of lovely shops where you can buy lovely souvenirs. Dear Parita went bonkers over the stationery there.

Even I myself succumbed by buying this extra kawaii pair of minnie mouse sunnies.

Disneyland is a hit with the families and especially the ladies, of all ages.

There were a handful of worthy rides but despite everything, we all had a great time.

Would I go back to Tokyo Disneyland? Definitely!

3 thoughts on “The Soyjoy Japan trip! – Tokyo Disneyland”

  1. Aw, babe, you should have gone to DisneySea! It consists mostly of rides- scarier, faster ones, and is targeted to thrill-seekers 😀


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