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Some pics of my long hair days. Pffft. Should I go for extensions or cut it a tad shorter ala concave bob style? Or rebond my hair? My hair is pretty fine (as in thin) though… Suggestions would be great!


Ccb took this pic of me while we were on our way to the Singapore Slingers game. Love the tee! I have another that says WTF.


Did you know that Sakae Sushi has launched a blogger campaign? If you blog about them, you may win a voucher! One of my random entries previously won me a $20 voucher. Hurhur.


Last but not least, please support my fellow MJ girl’s blogshop!

Here’s some background info of MeltCouture!

MC started in May 2008. Now all items are exclusively manufactured and solely carried on MeltCouture.  Pieces are made of high quality fabric; Chiffon, Satin and Japanese cotton.

The MeltCouture shopper is whimsical yet effortlessly stylish.
Always the trendsetter in the fashion world, MeltCouture brings every girl wearable Runway fashion at affordable prices.

This sweetie passed me a few items..

The VS Matt Satin Cami in Mint Green is extremely comfortable! You can pair it with work pants/skirts or jeans!

The MC Asymmetrical Bodyfit Dress in Assurance is very pretty! Love the details! Am already planning to wear this to a wedding next year!

These two items are available in Manufactured Collection 5.

Meltcouture is launching two items at 8pm today! Here’s a sneak peek especially for my readers! Shhh.

This dress is inspired by Christian Dior. Very sweet dress, suitable for work or a special night out.

This Braided Chiffon Top shows off your curves in the right areas and hides the flabs.

Support my fellow MJ ambassador k! The newest collection will be up at 8pm!



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2 thoughts on “Random updates…”

  1. U still look good, even though u have trimmed yr hair shorter but please don’t go any shorter, not suitable for you. Rebonding , i guess is ok. Check with yr hair stylist ? Ermm, as for extensions, is worth to give it a shot. U can choose different styles ?

    Well, just my 1 cent worth (or worthless) suggestions. Hopefully some other people who comment have better ones. LOL

    Don’t worry be, Be Happy ~~


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