the pain…

she knew it was coming.

a flash of pain. her world was a blur, her eyes couldn’t focus. her head ached like mad.

she hurried for her pills and realised that she had finished it. she felt faint. the pain was too intense. she had this condition for years and yet it always felt like the first time.

she crouched on the floor, ignoring the puzzled looks everyone was giving her. she rested her head. her temples ached. it felt as if someone was squeezing her head. squeezing it so hard that she couldnt breathe. she prayed. she prayed for relief from the pain.

fifteen minutes has passed before the pain subsided. it was a short one this time. there were incidents where the migraine has lasted for days. she took a sip of water and went on with her day as if nothing had happened.

for it has happened frequently till it felt like it is but an everyday occurrence.

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