WTF (game) of the day.

Actually I found out about the game a long long time ago when I was working in a gaming company. We usually get updates about upcoming games and other information almost daily. And one day, most of us were going “OMG!”, “WTF is this?!” at this particular game. (nobody tried the game, btw!)

I totally forgotten about it till today.


You know how some games have a plot or a mission e.g. Kill monsters, get out of the island, cook all dishes fantastically, rescue a princess etc?

Well, this WTF game is a SEX game.

It’s a MMO game and the main plot/mission/aim of the game is just to have sex. And oh, make friends too.

ERM. WTF right? So while humping each other like rabbits in the game, you can make small talk with your partner/fling/fb.

Imagine this:

Girl: ‘oh ooh yes yes!, oh what’s your name again?’
Guy: ‘that’s good baby! Oh it’s longdick27. a/s/l pls. go lower now!’
Girl: I’m shebangsbangs 24/f/sg.

I wanted to take screenshots and put captions but I decided to not pollute this site.

So…. Here’s the link to the trailer and here’s the link to a writeup about the game. Go have fun shagging.

I have a request! Can GamerGirlFriday pls try out this game for this/next week’s column?! :p

9 thoughts on “WTF (game) of the day.”

  1. Wow! nice review… keep more pr0n games coming! Gonna try it tonight! Can I suggest peektures? Peektures makes the review for interesting. hehe….


  2. hahaa..that seem to be an interesting game. will check it out. šŸ˜›

    the thing is would one choose to be the same gender as in real life or try out the opposite gender. šŸ™‚


  3. Sheylara: we want a review!

    Sham: LOL!

    The Goonfather: hahahhaaa go and try it! take a video or something. šŸ˜›

    paced: There’s something for everyone!

    weekee: which would YOU choose?


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