she bangs she bangs!

yes. oops she did it again! i should start learning my lesson. nadnut and bangs = horrible combi.

wanted a diff look. cut off a good 3 inches (due to split ends and whatnots), stopped curling my hair (non-existent curls anyway) and bang-dified.

pics. stop laughing you meanies!


specimen 1. stubborn nadzilla.

yes, i look like shit.

specimen 2. the naddy professor!

if you can’t convince them, confuse them! distract! check out my uber long earrings and lovely n necklace instead.

specimen 3. donads!

same day. one eye big, one eye small symptoms. damn, i need to highlight my hair soon.

specimen 4. nadthing!

don’t i look a litttttle bit goth? dark eyeliner and almost black nails. mom cringed when she saw my nails. ‘the hands of the devil’ she said. -_-“. and when i lost mahjong to kingmeng, she said its because of my nails.

remind me to never do this again. stop laughing you morons!!!!

have you done my redbull meme yet? grrrr.


  1. weird.. why there is this login thing popping up on your blog.. but anyway you still look great =)

    i think you’ll do better with more rest.. look slightly jaded


  2. from my professional opinion as a photographer, in this pic you don\’t look the slightest gothic at all… and the finger thingy makes you look like you wanna go down on some chicks.. sorry

    nadnut: lol. hahhaa i know! the only \’goth\’ part i feel was the black nails for me. i usually go for pink nails. :P. damn i look like i wanna go down on some chicks eh? yikes!