Silly old Ching Chong Boy…

Sometimes ccb really cracks me up. You’ve probably read this or that. Here’s another instance.

The correct answer

nadnut: baby! do you prefer my rebonded hair or permed hair?

ccb: rebonded hair

nadnut: really? i thought i looked bad in it. :/ why do you like it?

ccb: because it’s a different look!

nadnut: *suspicious* so the next time i change my hairstyle e.g. perm it, you’ll prefer that because it’s different?

ccb: yeap! *smug look*

nadnut: nabei.

1 thought on “Silly old Ching Chong Boy…”

  1. i an going to hide this from my boyfriend, or he’ll be jotting it down in his book of smug answers to give me when i ask questions that don’t interest him. LOL


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