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Who is Jen jen?!

Heh. I don’t know why but everyone seems to think I’m bringing Tiger to Australia! NOPE! I’m bringing Jenny aka Jen jen! Girlfriends before boyfriends! (The women’s version of “bros before hos”)

So… here’s some pics of Jen jen (and also to post up our camwhoring pictures during NYE. yes, belated i know.)

First up! Outfit of the day!

Makeup of the day! (My fave smokey eyes)

And here’s the amount of camwhoring pics!

Still sober here.

This crazy woman ordered 12 shots each!

Pics getting a bit blur now….

She can’t focus on the camera now!

Not high leh! I made Ben order lemon drops.

St James is wicked man! Love the place!

Started getting high…

Almost there!

Gone! We have one high nadnut on the loose!

Guys, pls beware when I’m drunk. I either get rather pinchy happy or i get kissy. Girls gets traumatised too! I can’t wait to check out the nightlife in Sydney with Jen jen!

Wooot! Updates on the contest soon! 🙂 No updates for this weekend for I’ll be away in KL attending the Nuffnang’s Pajamas Party. (I still can’t decide which pajamas to use!)

Take care all!

I think there will an article on the contest in The Sunday Times. If you guys do see it, do scan and send it to me pls!!!!!!!!!!


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