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she’s back.

yes she is.

i had intended to stay away for a longer period of time, a month at least, or even 2 or 3.

why was i away? friends asked/emailed/sms-ed. i didn’t really had the answer to it.

i was battling many emotions in myself and i didn’t know how to handle them and i didnt wanted to throw it out to anyone or blog for that matter.

the feeling of betrayal, hurt, suspicion, resentment, unworthy, feeling stupid, that was how i felt and yes, i nearly walked away from a relationship. i’m feeling really tired about everything and perhaps making a clean break would be better.

i have calmed down (somewhat) but i guess i still need my outlet to vent. i can’t seem to really talk about it in real life, be it face to face, msn or calls, but thru writing, it seriously feels better.

my very own theraphy.

i have been considering making changes to my life, be it love, career, education and all. drastic changes. and these decisions will affect everything i have now.

i’ll need time to think, and hopefully a little bit more luck. wish me luck, hopefully i’ll have a makeover on my life. and hopefully i’ll have the answer by january 2007.

sometimes what you have, is not what you want ain’t it? sigh. it’s gonna be a bit more emotional here (not that it has never been with emo me).

bitchy and emo posts coming soon. you have been warned!

8 thoughts on “she’s back.”

  1. glad to see you back! 🙂

    been going thru some similar emotional tussle recently, mainly coz of my job and personal feelings. felt like u, couldn’t write it down, much as i wanted to, though inside me, my heart seemed to be bursting soon.

    yeah, time will help u decide what you want soon!
    best of luck to you!


  2. not sure exactly what happen, but whatever it is just hang on! you will do great! really nice to see you and your friends again. Stay happy!


  3. glad to see you back.

    sometimes, as we grow, we move on faster than the people around us. and that is when you look back and decide ‘hey maybe i need something new to engage me.’

    it happens. so take your time and make the right choices. all the best.


  4. oh well…my blog’s also where i vent my frustrations n what nots…there’s nowhere else to vent abt these hello blog!


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