i wonder…

if i bumped into you on the streets… would i?

– say hi to you and forgive and forget? or would i..
– walk away in the opposite direction? or would i..
– walk past you as if you are invisible?

how do you forgive someone who doesnt admit that their wrong and did not even say sorry? how do you forgive someone who had backstabbed you? tell me how? why should i, when you dont even bother?


  1. because forgiveness is really for yourself. As cliche as it sounds.. you only wanna forgive when it means something. I mean, if you don’t really fuckcare, forgive or not means nothing to you, you might as well pretend it never happened or what…

    but if it was really significant, then it really matters to you, even if they don’t care.. internal forgiveness means you can put down the grudge and make it easier for you.

    I sound like I’m trying to convince myself haha. There WAS a time when someone dear did something to me that still impacts how I behave in a certain way. 2 people, 2 incidents, but the latter was worse. I thought it was over, I thought I got over it and then that day I walked past her and then realised I really couldn’t. Then it made NO difference in her life whatsoever.

    Why people so complex huh… *pout*