Happy Ching Chong Niu Year!

Happy CNY folks!

The year of the Rat was full of ups and downs for this rat, hopefully this Ox year would be a better year for yours truly.

This is one of the few times that I’ll be actually going visiting on CNY Day One and I’ll be heading to a blogger’s place, to be exact PreciousLiving‘s place in Melaka!

Here’s wishing all of you guys a great year, have as much bakkwa, pineapple tarts and win BIG BIG money in Mahjong and other gambling whatnots!


Happy holidays!

5 thoughts on “Happy Ching Chong Niu Year!”

  1. Hey, great to meet you on the trip! I had a good time playing those carnival games. I’m glad that you and Nic had a safe and timely trip back. You should be glad that you didn’t wait until Tuesday to return to Singapore. It took over two hours to get across the causeway.


  2. Rachel: Not as big as yours. *cough*

    ensui: To you too! Thanks for the compliment over my outfit. hehehe

    cneil: It was fun! Great meeting you! See ya tomorrow at Claudia’s place? 😉

    valerie: Thanks babe! Decided to curl it for fun. heh.


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