woot. had salsa lesson 2! learnt cross body lead… new steps…

hahaa. tis is getting interesting…

am contemplating to learn merengue…. anyone interested?

3 lessons. 1hr 15mins each. 70 bucks. saturdays. 4.15pm – 5.30pm…

need guys please! hahaa…

am intending to go union square next friday. and to try my pathetic moves out… hahaa. tat is mr jireh lee is going… *glares*

anyway, mr JIREH lee stepped on my toes SIX times during salsa lesson… GRRR!

felt so silly. after class, i wasnt satisfied with de practice… dragged mr lee reh reh to suntec upstairs… sky garden and hide at a corner to practice..


anyone interested to check out de action next friday? and mr lee, please… i need u as my partner… wahhahaa.

anyway, wanna wish zhenjie a happy bdae! take care bro!

got lotsa pics from sl camp but feeling a lil lazy to upload… dunno y feeling a bit sick and feverish… muz be kena virus from mr kenny chan mali chan…

am wondering, should i take a week break b4 starting my new job? but then everyone is like working/ns-ing… no company to go out…. *ponders*

cant wait for my 3 weeks vacation to go aussie! hmmm. but someone is acting weird. oh well.

anyway, on a side note. i juz realised how easy it is to stray and be tempted… hahaa. control! hahaa.

gonna rest now… sorry for de incoherent blog….

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