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the hair affair…

a few weeks ago i permed my hair. 3 bloody hours in the chair. butt cramp man. and im not sure if i like my hair even till now. without the use of sculpting lotion or wax, my curls are not there at all. basket. i wanted more ‘bouncier’ curls but the stylist said this style was more suitable for me.

bah. i give it till my bdae next year. my hair would be straight again.

pic of hair when wet. yes, it was taken on the same day of the vampire bites neck pic.

hair when dry…

argh. maybe i should consider cutting it short. olllllld pic. when i was much slimmer then. my friend eddie, did the nad nad nad thing for me. lol. long straight, long curly or short?

should i cut short again next time?

17 thoughts on “the hair affair…”

  1. Omg… Retroish sia. I mean when you had short hair.

    Think it’s really up to you u want it short or long.

    You look great with either!


  2. I think you are suited for both actually. Shorter one looks a lot better in power suits while longer one looks better in casuals lor. No difference lah. Cut your hair short when you’re tired of long tresses lor.


  3. both styles are nice in their own ways! (: i can’t have short hair for nuts (as much as i’m sick of long hair) because of my squarish face frame. btw, where did you get your earrings? VERY NICE! but, i guess they must be on the steep side.. haha.


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