Friends Pictures

updates updates! pics are here!

me & sel at d&d…

mahjong pics updates~~

me & kenny. (i juz had a bathe, tats why hair in towel)

me & kenny acting mysterious…

de 3 monkeys…

de 3 monkeys part 2


i look very fat here…

sel looking reallie cute here…

me & my ‘lucky charm’

me again~

kenny looking serious…

geeky eddie~

me & my ‘lucky charm’

another shot of me & ‘lucky charm’

i wonder whose tiles are these…

kenny acting cool~

lucky charm didnt work!

kenny & me~

sel’s winning cards…

de exhausted peeps… played all nite!


pics from michelle’s bdae!

michelle’s dog named ‘baby’ which kept on barking at me and humping lester. -_-“

me, mira and rachel!

de evil doggy again… grrrr!

beautiful cake!

bdae gal~!

make a wish!

bsc gang wiv de bdae gal~

sweet couple of de year: colin & rachel~

vain gals~

sel, me & rachel~

me & sel sel~

de BSC gals!

de bdae gal and me!

sel & me again!

me & rach dearie~

peace! me and de doggy finally at peace!


yeah! finally updated… down with flu today… bleah.. nose hurts… enjoy de pics!



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