that thing about the terrible twos…

so… i’m turning 22 (the terrible twos) in less than a month’s time.

i was contemplating on what i have achieved in life. turning 21 meant that i had freedom (to be exact, paying my own bills from then on… -_-“)

but turning 22 meant (to me that is) 8 more years to being 30.

when i was a little girl, i always thought that i would have achieved something in life when i’m 21. boy was i wrong. infact, i think i have accomplished nothing much in life. which makes me feel rather useless. what have i been doing with my life?

lets break it down to the following categories…

– education
– finance
– career
– love
– happiness

i’m sure that there are many more better categories, but i’ll stick to the following for now.

1. education
so far, i have only acquired a diploma. people my age are currently pursueing a degree. so far, i have already shortlisted a few degrees that i wish to pursue. all that is lacking is the moo-lah. i aim to start studying by 2007. i really do.

2. finance
whoever said being an only child was great had to be mad. imagine the huge financial burden on oneself. i’m trying my best to help with the financial loans/bills to be paid in my family. however it just seems to accumulate. doubt i can start saving for my studies when every payday i just keep paying and paying for the damn house. note to self: perhaps have one child in the future. pay lesser for their education, their tai-chi to support me.

3. career
i have managed to get a job that i actually like. have been my dream to try out this industry. and FINALLY i managed to work in a company that have more than 15 staffs. lol. though the pay is so-so only, i’m pretty happy at where i’m working at. happiness @ work versus pay. i rather be happy with a low paying job then job-hopping again. however, in future where i would need more moo-lah, i dunno whether i’ll think the same way again.

4. love
so.. my relationship ended last year and after 7 months of being single ( the 4 fs of being single! buffet or alacarte? *cough*), i succumbed to the love bug once again. am i jaded? a little bit. somehow i’m scared to put 100% into the relationship again. (sorry tiger!) but i’ll take baby steps. whether it works or not, we’ll see. if its meant to be, it will.

5. happiness
i made many new friends last year. closer ones. those who are there for me. am i happier? it seems so. perhaps with tiger in the picture now, i’m not as melancholic as last time. i lost some inspiration to write my kind of stories. which is good i guess? i guess i’m happier now. though there’s always room for improvement…

i hope to improve these 5 categories of my life. to improve myself too. to be a better person. else there is no point living aint it?

to the rest of you… what have you achieved in your life?

2 thoughts on “that thing about the terrible twos…”

  1. i haven’t taken a serious reality check on my life.. so i wouldn’t be able to answer this question.

    but seriously, 22 isn’t that bad lah!!!

    nadnut: hahhaa. ppl feel happier during birthdays, i do a reality check on mine 😉


  2. actually, the way I see it, u are achieving much, having a full-time job and juggling many aspects of Life. Everything seems like a struggle, but hey, lots of ppl I know, dun struggle as much becos they have less things to do. Meaning they are accomplishing much less than what u have done. At least you have a job worth loving with stable income, which will increase as u stay longer; love gotten, lost, then gained again; frens made and kept; educational goals that can motivate you on. I think not a lot of ppl, in your shoes, at your age, have so much to worry about or look forward to and yet are doing something about it.

    so don’t say that you have accomplished little lah, u have done much more than ppl older than you and are frankly much more mature than them. That is what I like and respect you, gal and am extremely honoured to be called a fren by you.:)

    nadnut: awwwwwwwwww. thanks sweetie! *hugs*


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