that thing about the dinner party…

last week i attended a dinner party by rationalneurotic.

lifting from her blog, here are the items we consumed..

1.5L F&N Funky Apple
1.5L F&N Orange
0.58kg of Salmon
Whole block of 125g SCS Butter
0.646kg of Aussie Rump Steak
0.2kg of Chicken Mince Meat
0.3kg of Pork Loin
0.2kg of Pork Mince Meat
0.17kg of Streaky Bacon
50g of Double Brie Cheese
250g of Portabello Mushroom
200g of Brown Mushroom
700g of Onions
200g of Red Capsicum
175g of Yellow Capsicum
250g of Cherry Tomato
275g of Aussie Broccoli
100g of Thai Asparagus
3 stalks of corn
500g of Baby Potato
6 Eggs
4kg of Charcoal
1 Riesling
A lot of Aluminium Foil
A lot of water (to her bill!)
Heavenly tiramisu!

though it was a bbq dinner, i felt absolutely pampered. lazy old me did not even have to lift a single finger. 😛 and i even had my very own chauffeur. lol.

i felt a need to proclaim to everyone that i was still on the market. afterall i remembered kennysia once told me that ldr = semi single. 😛

though it was my first time meeting some of them, there was never an awkward moment at all. amazingly all of us hit off with each other ( well at least to me 🙂 ).

rn was a great host, she cooked everything and served us. food was yummy and there was enough to go around.. soooo full!

and i had steak! *grins*

pics of the food! click to enlarge!

and the main courses!

yum! steak and bacon! my 2 best friends! =D

i didnt manage to take pictures of the absolutely delicious tiramisu that anodize had prepared. everyone attacked it till there wasnt much left to take pics of. (and i was busy gobbling it down). SHIOK! must prepare for us again hor!

wonderful party, great company, relaxing ambience all because of the host! (who is too shy to show her face)

but she was bold enough to show us her pussy! and even let me take pictures of it!

ok.. its pussies. she has SIX cats! and i thought my 2 pussies at home was killer enough! i only managed to take pictures of 5 though, one is a repeat picture. guess who!

one of her pussies gave me a fright though. i was patting him and later he walked behind me and bit my calf! not a nibble but a bite! needless to say, i hid my legs away from him then on and shoo-ed him away.

cheeko-cat. see legs only wanna bite. hahahaa. apparently everyone received a bite from him that day. kinda of a covercharge stamp eh?

i reallly realllly enjoyed myself that day! thanks rn for inviting me! had great fun and good food that day! a toast to the wonderful host! *cheers*

5 thoughts on “that thing about the dinner party…”

  1. i miss bbqs. oh the pain! oh the agony! of seeing all that gloriously delish food there! but ME not being there to eat it! *sob*


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